Date of Report[1]: March 25th, 2018

By Rubén A. Báez[2]


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For the annual and monthly determination of the GPI (General Performance Index) it is considered the "total number of players who have participated in the 2018 season" or in the corresponding analysis period, regardless of whether this report only exposes the Top 30 of the ATP ranking. That is, the GPI has been calculated for all the players who have played so far in the 2018 season, but only the Top 30 are exposed. I make this clarification because the GPI of a tennis player is related to the GPIs of all the players of the total population that was considered for the calculations. And from that statistical population I only expose the Top 30.

The statistics used to calculate the annual General Performance Index (GPI)3 come from:

a)ATP World Tour 250, 500, 1000, Next Gen ATP Finals and Nitto ATP Finals Tournaments.

b)Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open.

c)Davis Cup.

So far in the 2018 season, the Korean Hyeon Chung is the tennis player with the best General Performance Index (GPI = 154,47), which is why, according to our studies, he is ranked No. 1 in the GPI ranking. As has already been explained in previous reports, the GPI calculation is carried out considering the performance of certain variables (Services, returns, break points, etc.). In this way, for each variable a GPI is calculated and then a Total GPI contemplates all the GPIs of those variables, determining the general performance of the player.

It is like an academic average; the general average of a student is the average of the averages of the different subjects. Each subject has its average. In such a way that a tennis player will be able to perform better in the service, but not as well in the return, as an example. Those that are more regular and outstanding in the performance of the different variables will obtain a higher General Performance Index, consequently, they will have a better GPI ranking or performance ranking.

In the case of Hyeon Chung, he has been highlighted in (in parenthesis the GPI ranking):

•General Performance Index or GPI (1)

•Performance of the 1st Serve “in” [%] (1)

•Performance of the 2nd Serve ‘in” [%] (2)

•Performance of the 1st Service Won (3)

•Performance of the 2nd Service Won (3)

•Performance of the Break Points Saved (2)

•Performance of the Break Points Won (2)

•Performance of the 1st Return Points Won (2)

•Performance of the 2nd Return Points Won (1)

It can be observed that, in the performance of the different evaluated aspects, Chung has remained within the top 3, giving as a result the No. 1 position in the GPI ranking so far this season. Hyeon Chung hasn’t yet won titles in this season, but his projection would indicate that at some point not too far away he will win his first ATP title. He has his youth in his favor and today is a dangerous opponent for anyone who must face him. Other highlighted tennis players for the 2018 season are: Dominic Thiem, Juan Martin Del Potro, Roger Federer, Kevin Anderson and Gael Monfils. All of them with an excellent performance in this 2018, until now.

Full statistical report in pdf click here 

[1] Report elaboration based on data from official Websites:


[2] Tennis Instructor, Bachelor in Business Administration, Public Accountant, Post grade’s degree in Finance Management and Capital Markets, MBA (IAE Business School, Austral University, Argentina).

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