Year IX, Artícle[1], No. 85

June 15, 2019

by Rubén A. Báez[2]

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General Performance Index©
(GPI: General Performance Index): "It is an index that measures the performance that a tennis player has had in a given period of time." This index, not shown here, is used to make the "General Performance Ranking© or GPI Ranking© ".

The following tournaments, corresponding to the month of May, have been included for the determination of the Top 30 of the Gen-eral Performance Ranking©:

• Mutua Madrid Open - ATP Masters 1000.
• Internazionali BNL d’Italia – ATP Mas-ters 1000.
• Banque Eric Sturdza Geneva Open – ATP 250.
• Open Parc Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Lyon – ATP 250.
• Roland Garros – Grand Slam.

The ATP Ranking of the players is up to Monday June 10th, 2019.

We will begin analyzing table 1, where the performance of the Top 30 of the GPI Ranking© is exposed in the 5 above men-tioned tournaments that started in the month of May.

Of the 136 players, who participated in these 5 tournaments and who make up the total that has been considered for the statistics calculations, only are exposed the 30 ones with best performance in the aforementioned tournaments.

In general, you can appreciate that the Top 10 of the ATP Ranking have achieved the better performances in the May tournaments. Wawrinka and Paire have achieved good performances without belonging to the Top 10 of the ATP Ranking. It also remarkable the almost total absence of the Top 10 of the ATP Ranking in the ATP 250 (2) tour-naments, with the exception of Alexander Zverev, who won the Geneva Open after having lost in the first round the previous week in Rome, maybe he wanted to recover a little confidence and, in fact, he achieved it by crowning champion in Geneva, Switzer-land.

We emphasize, the podium conformed by Rafael Nadal (ESP), Novak Djokovic (SRB) and Alexander Zverev (GER) in positions 1, 2 and 3 of GPI Ranking©, respectively.

Other outstanding players in the TOP 10 of the GPI Ranking© are: Stefanos Tsitsipas (4), Roger Federer (5), Dominic Thiem (6), Stan Wawrinka (7), Benoit Paire (8), Fabio Fognini (9) and Karen Khachanov (10).

In this month of May, Rafael Nadal has been the undisputed leader in performance. When it comes to clay tournaments, Nadal is practi-cally invincible, demonstrating, season after season, who is the King of Clay, a symbolic title bestowed by the international tennis community and by the specialized journalists of this sport. It is incredible that a person wins 12 times one of the most iconic tourna-ments of all time, we are referring to Roland Garrós. You can understand winning it 4, 5 up to 6 times, but 12 times!!! It has been in evidence, and there is nothing to add, Rafael Nadal is the best clay player in history, no-body like him. It is said around there that the records are for to break them, but some day that one who breaks the Rafael Nadal´s rec-ord at Roland Garros will not be human, at least not completely human.

Table 1 shows until which round the Top 30 have reached in the month of May. We note that, within the Top 10 of the GPI Ranking© are included 8 of the Top 10 of the ATP Ranking, and the two that do not appear, one is Kei Nishikori who reached the GPI Ranking© No. 12 and the other has not par-ticipated in the tournaments of the month of May for being injured, we are referring to the South African Kevin Anderson of ATP Ranking No. 8. This time, there is quite a lot of consistency between the ATP Ranking and the GPI Ranking©. In general, the Top 10 of the ATP Ranking are those that have better performance in the Grand Slam and ATP Masters 1000 tournaments, although there are always surprises. This year, who have reached the fourth round in Roland Garros were, Stan Wawrinka (19), Benoit Paire (28), Jan-Lennard Struff (38) and Juan Ignacio Londero (58).

In addition, the two players who are in the Top 10 of the GPI Ranking©and are not Top 10 of the ATP Ranking are Stan Wawrinka (ATP # 19 and former Top 10 of the ATP) and Benoit Paire (ATP # 28). The first has already won three Grand Slams (Australia Open in 2014, Roland Garros in 2015 and US Open in 2016. In all of them defeating Novak Djokovic in the final) and the second is French and came with the push to have crowned champion in the Open Parc Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Lyon tour-nament (Lyon, France) which, precisely, was the previous tournament to Roland Garros.

The reader may appreciate that, practically all of the tables presented in this report are head by Rafael Nadal and escorted by No-vak Djokovic, with the exception of table 9 (Performance of the break points won) where he holds the position 2. The place 1 is occupied by Novak Djokovic. Alexander Zverev ranks third in 7 of 9 tables, which denotes that the young German is in the big fight.

From the simple reading of tables 10 and 11, it is easy to conclude who are the best return players that return the service of their rivals. Namely, Nadal, Djokovic, A. Zverev, Tsitsipas and Thiem, in that order, are the Top 5, at least this month of May.

Next, the tables with their respective perfor-mance rankings or GPI Ranking© are ex-posed as is usual, in each analyzed aspect of the 30 players that achieved the highest per-formances during the analysis period.

Full statistical report in pdf click here

[1] Report elaboration based on data from official Websites:

[2] National Tennis Coach (Argentine Tennis Association), Bachelor of Business Administration, Certified Public Accountant, Post grades of Finance Management and Capital Markets, Master of Business Administration (IAE Business School, Austral University, Buenos Aires, Argentina).


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