Date of Report01.02.2012

By Rubén A. Báez[1]

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I could start my article

this way:

"I remember it was a

Sunday January 29, 2012

when I got up at 05:30

am GMT -3 to watch the

Australia Open final

match between 1 and 2

of the tennis world, Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael

Nadal .... "

Now that is in the past I feel a strange sense

of happiness and nostalgia for defeating

laziness and getting up at dawn to see one

of the most fantastic games recently. For

me it was an epic match and I think for

many, it was too. This match must be an

example to all whom love tennis and, of

course, that will be remembered for long


In this note, I do not intend to comment

technical issues because they abound and

have been made by the ton in the media by

sports specialists. My point is the "fighting

spirit" of these two "Spartan hoplites of

tennis." That´s why Novak Djokovic, Rafael

Nadal and also in this category I include

Roger Federer and David Ferrer, they are

true sport warriors who give everything on

the court until the end of their forces. It was

shown on Sunday January 29 when they

played the final match of Australia Open for

five hours and 53 minutes and they had no

strength in their legs to sustain them self.

The tournament staff...

Full statistical report in pdf click here

[1] Tennis Instructor (Argentine School of Tennis Instructors, Buenos Aires), Bachelor in Business Administration, Public Accountant, Post grade’s degree in Finance Management and Capital Markets, MBA (IAE Business School, Austral University, Argentina).

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